Cafe Des Art

About Cafe des arts

‘Café des Arts’, has earned a solid reputation as Praslin's most sought after fine dining restaurant. It has been acclaimed by its numerous guests through their recommendations in our guest comments book as well as on travel portals and social media platforms, with some going as far as matching it with the best Michelin star establishments across the world .

There is no doubt that whilst visiting a tropical island destination like Seychelles, guests are on the look out for a dining experience that is unique and synonymous to our beautiful islands surrounded by crystal clear waters. Café des Arts has concocted a menu serving the freshest seafood to satisfy the culinary passion of such visitors.

With an accent on its proximity to the sea and fine art on display, the restaurant offers a food and beverage variety and options that has crafted its well-earned reputation. Packaged in an authentic, attention to details service with local charm, the Cafe des Arts experience is second to none and keeps guests coming back for more...

Children under the age of 5 years are not permitted in Café des Arts Restaurant